Buy A Pushcart Nomination!

$49 Pb.

You will be contacted by the email provided to arrange for your Pushcart nomination.

Lots of people have in their Twitter bios the words 'pushcart nom'. What does that mean?

Any small press (e.g., can nominate up to six poems to be considered to win a Pushcart. Of course, there are many more entries than winners, but people still like to put it in their bio. It says: Hey, maybe I didn't write the greatest poem of all time, but I'm good enough that an editor thought it was worth putting a stamp on an envelope and mailing a copy to Pushcart, New Mexico, where the Annual Pushcart Challenges are held.

Three Pushcart nominations remain available for sale at this time. We have through the end of November to make this happen

This gimmick implies NO social commentary of any kind. The editors of simply are in poverty, and a hundo would help tremendously.

Cover of book 'pushcart'